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Real Wedding: You're My Better Half


When Jen and Brian came to us, they had just cancelled their Dominican Republic destination wedding due to the Zika outbreak and had to move the celebration State-side. The couple wanted a place where they could surround themselves with the family and friends they would have been traveling with and luckily for us they turned to one of our favorite locations, Colony 29, where they could all gather together and stay nearby. The desert oasis set the perfect backdrop for their modern boho palette of dusty nudes and dark moody jewel tones of raspberry, muted turquoise, emerald, and magenta captures beautifully by Ashley Kelemen Photography.

As a nod to how their relationship developed – the couple met as neighbors in an apartment complex sharing a wall – Jen and Brian were married under a teepee to symbolize their two homes now becoming one. The Dainty Lion brought us wild and free blooms to adorn a ceremony and reception already surrounded by rose gardens, orchard trees, and flower vines. To lend a cocktail vibe, we brought in an eclectic mix of modern bohemian elements through Folklore and added candlelight and ambiance to the atmosphere with black taper candles and brass candlesticks. Guests dined at low tables with moroccan poufs or smaller clusters of tulip tables set with geode slabs and brass chargers from Hostess Haven. As we further got to know Jen and Brian, we learned that they while opposite in character they truly are each other's better half – and as such we decided to pay homage to this by hanging fringed hemispheres on a marble backdrop to represent two halves of the same moon. Guests also gathered their seating assignments here from calligraphed crystal moon rocks. Throughout the night, guests sipped on the Girl Next Door and the Neighbor Boy (a reference to the nickname for Brian coined lovingly by Jen's friends during their early courting days) and danced the night away. Guests were treated to a family style meal by MIHO catering, and in lieu of a traditional cake the couple opted for tray-passed mini-churros and hand pies.

The night was truly one of those perfect Palm Springs evenings, where guests gathered under the stars surrounded by painted hills to celebrate a love as bright as the desert moon.

Engaging: Hayley + Calvin


They're from Irvine, CA.

They met at a mutual friends house one night in high school. 

They started dating. He drew her love notes.

They followed each other to USC.

She can't live without her Starbucks green tea. He can't live without his sports.

She's his sleeping beauty. He's her dream. Their love story is a fairytale.

She loves cake. He loves how sweet she is. 

She pops bottles of champagne. He brews cups of hot chocolate. 

Together, they collect Christmas ornaments. 

Tomorrow, they're tying the knot to their happily ever after. 

We're just fawning over Hayley and Calvin's whimsical engagement shoot! We'll be counting sheep and daydreaming away until tomorrow, follow our story on Instagram (@Amorology) for all the captivating images yet to come!


For the Love of Giving


Marriage is a beautiful thing and one of the greatest joys of life, and as such we love to come up with ways to make your big day extra special and meaningful! For us, this usually means bringing in the fine and fun details of your relationship and weaving them into the design of your wedding, but another of our favorite ways to bring special meaning to the day is by using the event as a means to give back and be charitable. There are so many ways to seamlessly incorporate giving back into your wedding, and today we're sharing a few of our favorite options!

Sustainable decorations
Sustainability and going green are key issues these days, and something as simple as your choice of florist can help make all the difference! There are so many amazing florists out there that we love, and it can be easy enough to pick one that only uses seasonal and locally grown flowers that don't require more transportation and don't add to congestion, pollution, and habitat loss. As a bonus, buying local also helps boost regional and local economies!

Creating a charitable registry
Weaving charity into your wedding doesn't have to be complicated or costly - a simple and easy way to give back to those in need is to create a charitable registry by asking your friends, family members, and other guests at your wedding to help you support your favorite charity (or charities) by donating through a free fundraising website that allows you to create a personalized page. All you have to do it share the page with guests to collect donations to organizations you and your spouse are passionate about! Another option is to make a donation to a charity on behalf of your guests in lieu of a tangible favor to bring home!

Donate wedding gifts and food
If you do end up wanting a traditional registry but you're still looking for ways to donate, you also have the option to request specific items on your registry with the intention of donating them to a local charity. And if your wedding reception ends up generating extra food, consider donating it to a local food bank in your area so the food doesn't go to waste! There is also always the option of using food in your decor which can later then be donated! We simply love pulling in edible elements to the design!  The seating display we created below shares just one way we have done this in the past as eggs were nested among guest names and table assignments.  The edible options are endless! 

Foregoing traditional bachelorette parties or honeymoons in favor of volunteer trips
Connect with charities and organizations in your area or the region you plan to visit for your honeymoon and find out about projects that will be taking place at the time of your bachelor/bachelorette parties or your honeymoon trip - you can build houses with Habitat for Humanity virtually anywhere across the globe, teach English to children abroad, volunteer at a wildlife reserve in the Serengeti, etc. There are countless volunteer-abroad organizations and so many that don't sacrifice the romantic aspect of a honeymoon or the fun elements of a bachelor trip!

Choose wedding vendors conscious of environmental responsibility
Weddings are such beautiful events filled with fun and festivities, but sometimes events like this can create some unfortunate waste. When choosing vendors, check to see that they're conscious of sustainability and their impact on the environment. Farm-to-table caterers, for example, help cut down on carbon emission and fuel consumption  by limiting the distance your food has to travel before reaching your table (which also means it's fresher!) and also benefit local and regional economies.

Have any more suggestions for our list? Let us know in the comments, we'd love to hear them!