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sweet release


Just went to the San Diego Style Weddings Magazine release party on Tuesday, which was so much fun! Definitely was a big fan of the mini donut station. I have got to use that! They tasted even better the next day!

Anyway....While I was there, I picked myself up a copy of our very first officially published wedding! Yeah! It was so fun to see it all put together. I do have to say, I think they left out a few of my very favorite details....namely the flowers! Uggh. I think it made my mom a little sad too. They were just so beautiful and such a big part of this wedding...I couldn't believe there wasn't one picture of them, the bouquet, the centerpieces, nada. So it goes though. I guess there just isn't always room. Ce' la vie! Thank goodness for Modern Bride though, who I'm sure will find the space in a 4 page spread to cover it more in it's entirety and some of the flowers. :)

Our photo shoot was also in there and that was so fun to see too! I should have pictures of that soon. More to come!!