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994 Hawthorne Ct
San Marcos, CA, 92078
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Engaging: Paige & Doug


Paige and Doug are just as kind and sweet as they are beautiful. Amorology is so excited to see their carnival wedding come to life June 12th! The day is going to be filled with fun, games & surprises. Do you think the guests will be expecting a ferris wheel?! ( Yup a ferris wheel at this wedding folks!)   Candice Stowell is the wonderful photographer that shot the couple in Newport Beach's fun zone. The perfect place to prep guests for a night of fun at Paige & Doug's carnival wedding. Thank you Candice for sharing these amazing & fun pictures with us! 

Paige and Doug you could win the title for Worlds Cutest Couple! 
 I can't wait to see what the future holds for you!