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994 Hawthorne Ct
San Marcos, CA, 92078
United States



Meet our newest addition...


With a degree in Studio Arts this creative California babe enjoys thrift shopping and "researching" HGTV for the best interior styling tips. We might add that Kamryn has a definite sweet tooth. She is looking to discover the best tasting pastry and says it is exhausting trying every flavor macaroon!  Her favorite moment in a wedding is when the father-daughter dance takes place, what a tender tradition. Kamryn could not fit in better with this group!

Get a taste of Kamryn's style with this Auntie Mame inspiration board.

When Heather asked to create an inspiration board, I immediately thought of the 1958 movie, Auntie Mame. I had seen it during a course I took this summer which focused on fashion illustration, but as soon as little Patrick entered his Auntie Mame's house, I couldn't take my eyes off the ever evolving interior decor - including the beautiful chandelier. The opening scene takes place in the 1920s and the decor includes references to chinoiserie, art nouveau, and art deco. I knew those influences would make a beautiful wedding! 

Quirky tidbits about Kamryn

Q: Scary movies or happy endings?
A: Happy or sad endings, but never scary!

Q: Hugs or kisses?
A: I'm kind of an awkward hugger - I never know when it's appropriate. Luckily, hugging your husband is never weird, so I do that a lot! 

Q: Summer or winter?
A: I think it depends on where you live. Spending the last 2 years in Phoenix made me a winter lover. 

Q: Deep down what do you really want to be?
A: I want to learn how to do so many things, but at the end of the day, I really want to be a set designer. I mean everyone can identify that old, rusty-orange colored couch (Friends). How neat would it be to choose those iconic pieces?! I love that interior spaces, whether on a set or in reality, tell the story of the inhabitants - there's a wonderful amount of anthropology and psychology in it.  

Q: Favorite smells?
A: The Volcano Candle from Anthropologie, little babies, and a fresh French baguette top my list.

Q: What is your favorite flower?
A: Queen Anne's Lace - so unassuming and lovely. 

Q: Backpacking or luxury hotel?
A: Can I choose a Bed and Breakfast? 

Q: Cake or pie?
A: Cake - but I would eat the pie too!