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Engaging: Mia & Scott


You are going to love our next couple! Mia and Scott are a kick back duo with a love as sweet as can be. Both share a love for secret handshakes, two pugs, summer fun, and sports (Scott is a TV Sports Producer). Beautiful on the inside and out they are like a celebrity couple with their own Brangelina like name combo, "Lemding". We are certain you are going to fall hard for these lovebirds after reading their story and viewing their ever so romantic engagements by SWOON by Katie!

About the Lemdings!
Scott and I met in the fall of 2007, on a Saturday at a USC tailgate party. It was a day we would never forget for many reasons; first of all, it was the day we met and second of all 
it was the day USC lost to Stanford with one of the biggest upsets in USC’s history. We were supposed to win by over 40 points and instead lost by more than 10.

It was puppy love at first sight and we both counted down the days until the next football game when we could see each other again. At the next game, Scott made sure to get my number and called that next day. We have been dating ever since.
We have always loved taking little vacations to Temecula and going wine tasting. We got engaged at Temecula Creek Inn on Friday, April 13and are looking forward to getting married there next summer!