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Engaging: Megan + Tyler


Megan and Tyler's wedding day is now only a month away and we can't wait to help this gorgeous couple say "I do!" in front of all of their friends and loved ones.  Our lovely couple's style is the perfect combination of classic while staying on trend, and we've got a day that is a mix of fun and elegance in store for them.  

Megan a farmer's daughter, and Tyler a city boy, met in college.  Both share an appreciation for getting a good night's sleep (and maybe a midday nap), so when they first started dating Megan developed adorable detective like tactics to see if Tyler was in town for the weekend when he was busy taking a nap.  Just wait and see how we plan on incorporating elements of the beginning of their love story at their wedding!

What we love most about Megan and Tyler is the deep love that they have for their family and how much they value spending time with them.  They truly are the perfect pair who compliment one another beautifully.  Megan describes Tyler as her sense of calmness when things get crazy and the person who helps bring her out of shell.  Tyler admires her sense of loyalty and they way she's always by his side ready to take on whatever life throws at them.  Together they help one another become the best person they can be and we're thrilled to play a part in helping them go from engaged to married!

Want to hear a bride's perspective on hiring a wedding planner?  Head over to our lovely bride Megan's blog where this week she shared her take on working with us!

Engagement Photos by:  Ashley Kelemen Photography


Engaging: Maria + Oscar



They're from Daly City, CA.

They dated briefly in high school, then reconnected 10 years later.

She fell for his humor, he fell for her intellect.

They share a love of 90s R&B and their darling son, Jayce.

She saves lives while he fights crime, she loves coffee while he loves donuts.

Together they're the dynamic duo.


So much in store for this wedding this weekend, including a big reveal! Follow along with us on Instagram @amorology to find out more ;) Gorgeous photos by Ashley Kelemen.

Hello, World!

Engaging: Lori + Jon


With a couple as lovely as our Lori and Jon, how could we not get our countdown to the weekend started?!  These old souls found each other one night under the twinkly stars of Downtown, San Diego.  Jon's first words to Lori were "I like your hair", little did he know at that moment he'd one day love her heart.

Lori can't help but swoon over how caring Jon is, and how he would do anything for her.  Jon is absolutely smitten with her kind smile and eyes.  Together they share a love for all things vintage, whimsy, and a little out of the ordinary. We'll be taking inspiration from each to make sure their special day is truly is one they'll never forget!

To get our weekend countdown rolling (and hearts a fluttering), we're sharing some of our favorites from their romance packed engagement session with the talented Studio Castillero, with gorgeous florals by Bloom Babes. Be sure to stay tuned for more sneak peaks as we get ready for their wedding day!